The Magellan Project

W的独特之处&麦哲伦项目是一个充满可能性的项目. When you pursue a Magellan Project, you choose to take the lead in your educational experience. W&J College provides funding so that you can set sail in the summer months, exploring a passion, an interest, an internship, 留学机会, a research trip, or all of the above. You're out of the classroom, learning the ropes of whatever you've set your sights on. 它可能就在某个角落,也可能就在世界的某个角落.


A Magellan Project begins with your idea to create an opportunity to pursue your passions in an original way. Faculty advisors provide the coaching and support you need to take your project from idea to reality. For your project, you write your proposal, detail the plan, and set the budget. 一旦获得批准和资助,你的冒险就开始了. 在这段旅程中,你会发现比你想象的更多.

Marcy Salvidar poses in Portugal where she went to study attitudes around disability for her Magellan Project.

Hear Their Stories

The best way to see the diversity and potential of the Magellan Project is to see what others have done and be inspired to discover what you can do.


I am most proud of obtaining an internship which allowed me to successfully take part in a study concerning Alzheimer’s and related molecular and protein functions.

Anja Popey '22

“I believe that being able to put myself into another person’s shoes and gain world experience will help me to be a successful and empathetic person,” Phillips said, 麦哲伦计划给了我开启这段旅程的工具.”

Ella Phillips '25

Adriana Rodriguez-Ruiz的职业道路是在W&J, and she credits the College’s strong liberal arts curriculum for connecting her varying interests and helping her launch a career she loves.

Adriana Rodriguez-Ruiz, 21岁